Dave teaches chainsaw proficiency

Dave teaches chainsaw proficiency and safe handling to people at various skill-levels. He earned the accreditation required to teach this course from the esteemed forestry training centre in Hinton, Alberta, and is one of only two people in Manitoba who has earned this accreditation.

Dave offers three levels of courses: 1-day awareness, 2-day basic, and 3-day intermediate. The 1-day awareness course is a classroom-only course, whereas both the 2-day basic and the 3-day intermediate courses are a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on guided practice.

With the 2- and 3-day courses, a maximum of eight students are allowed to enroll, thus ensuring each student receives Dave's personalized attention. At the completion of the final day of each of these courses, each student is tested on their knowledge of the textbook material and the quality of their chainsaw cuts, and if they pass, they are provided with a certification that is nationally recognized. Dave's one-on-one approach to a limited class-size varies dramatically from competitive offerings of courses that teach chainsaw safety and handling.

In all three courses, safe use of the chainsaw is covered, as are tips on assessing the health of a tree and its surroundings in order to identify safety issues concerning the tree's pruning or removal. Dave tailors his material to each student's current experience-level -- both inside the classroom and outside in the hands-on portion of the course. When you consider the potential injury that could occur to person or property when a chainsaw is used inappropriately (under any circumstances -- not just those involving trees, for example, but when chainsaws are used to cut pipe), these courses are an invaluable investment in you or your company's safety and security.

In the outdoor, hands-on portion of the course, each student is provided with his or her own bolt of wood (supported by a specially designed stand) on which to practise using their chainsaw. For that reason, no student is left waiting in line for their turn at practising the material they learned in the classroom. Each student therefore continually gains knowledge during their course-attendance. They learn by watching each other perform the required cuts, and by watching Dave evaluate each others' completed cuts.

Click on the sets of pictures below to see what's involved in the 2-day basic course. The majority of these pictures were taken during a February 16-17, 2004 offering of the course provided to City of Winnipeg Forestry employees.

For detailed information on what's involved in any of these courses including the cost of taking a course, contact us via phone, email, or fax. Although Dave's speciality is the safe and effective use of chainsaws to cut trees, his curriculum can be adjusted/tailored to other materials that must be cut with a chainsaw (such as pipe), to any course-length (such as a half-day class), and to any industry that uses chainsaws. A special introductory course for the purpose of acquainting a homeowner with the safe and effective use of this highly dangerous piece of equipment can be provided. A course such as this is an ideal complement to a new saw purchase!

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Click here to view scenes from the classroom education

Click here to view scenes from the outdoor hands-on portion

Click here to view more of Dave's one-on-one teaching efforts during an outdoor session held on Feb 18-19, 2004