The Owner

"A company is only as good as its people" is a phrase we've all heard. The owner of is Dave Lutes. Dave has been in the tree care industry for over 15 years.


A Picture Show

    There are many pictures on this website, but click here to get a quick idea of Dave in action doing a removal!


He Climbs! He Competes! In September 2011, Dave competed in the 2011 International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Prairie Chapter Tree Climbing Competition (TCC), which was held in Winnipeg. Shaw TV produced a video, which featured Dave promoting the event.

That's the Spirit! In February 2011, as the representative for Western Canada, Dave participated in the first-ever North American Tree Climbing Competition (NATCC) in Savannah, Georgia. Dave fared well against his fellow climbers, but more importantly, he won the "Spirit of the Competition" award for providing support to his fellow climbers, displaying pride in his arborist profession, and showing appreciation for the judges and volunteers who held the event. It's the second time Dave has been formally recognized for his sportsmanlike behavior at a climbing event: In 2010, he won the same esteemed "Spirit" award at the Prairie Tree Climbing Competition held in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Dave is in-demand On Demand! MTS TV hired Absurd Machine Studios to produce a documentary about the negative impact of Dutch Elm Disease (DED) on our Winnipeg Elm tree population, and the emergence of the Emerald Ash Borer, which is expected to have a similar negative impact on our Ash tree population. Dave's work with removing Elms infected with DED is featured in the documentary, which is titled "Green City".

Here's a link to the under-two-minute trailer about the "Green City" documentary:

Here's a link to the under-60-minute full documentary:

Whoa! What a Tree Pro! Don't be fooled! Only an expert can work so fast. Only a pro can make a job look so easy and obvious. This video is representative of Dave's work in and around Hydro lines and telephone lines. In this video, Dave isn't in a huge tree -- the kind he typically works in -- but the video shows his capabilities in tight spaces, difficult places. Whether Dave is working above Hydro lines or other immoveable objects such as greenhouses, pools, buildings, or landscaping, he is mesmerizing and energizing to watch. He cuts through big stems, sometimes with just a handsaw like he's slicing butter. He's the Scottsdale doctor of production tree-work! (And keep in mind that Dave's advanced skills mean less time on the jobsite which translates into savings and no risk for you.)

One Bad Ash. From the ground, this ash tree on Kingston Crescent in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada appears like any big tree in the winter. Watch Dave assess the health of the tree by watching it move in the wind. Then as Dave proceeds to do the job, see the holes 50-feet up that may have intimidated a less experienced climber. The moral of this story: A dangerous tree is not always evident and the skill required to detect and work in a dangerous tree is not common.

Big Tree Moves. In January 2009, Dave attended a climbing competition in Windermere, Florida where a group of renowned climbers from around the world were invited to show their skills at a National Arbor Day celebration. Watch a few minutes of Dave's manoeuvres. You'll get an insight into his personality, his focus, and how much he loves to climb! Dave said the support and the camaraderie displayed by the entire group was energizing and he's enthused about his return visit next year!
Click here to see a group picture. Dave is second from the right-hand side, front-row (of those seated)
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You've Seen Us!

You may have seen the Treewise van and chipper with the colorful decals in your neighborhood. Our specialty is "big trees in tight spaces, difficult places" so you'll most often see us working in established neighborhoods where the tree-work is risky and complex.

Our Services

is a Manitoba company that focuses on the professional pruning and removal of any variety or size of tree in any location regardless of how awkward or inconvenient the job may appear, and no matter what time of year. Dave is also accredited to teach chainsaw safety and other production arborist skills. He has taught classes for the City of Winnipeg, the Manitoba Safety Council, and other tree-care companies.

Dave is known as an authority, both in Manitoba and nationally, for his uncommon abilities with trees. Whether it's a client with a large number of trees needing attention, a client with a sentimental feel for a special tree, or another tree-care company in need of Dave's expertise, Dave is highly sought-after for his:
uncommon ability to 'see' the best way to tackle a tree situated in a hazardous and/or awkward situation
innovative rope-rigging techniques that ensure wood hits the ground with minimal impact
accomplished climbing abilities that allow him to work without the use of heavy equipment on your lawn
certifications and licenses with all major tree care associations
special authority to work near power lines (only a few dozen people in Western Canada possess these credentials)
skill with utilizing cranes and helicopters to perform large-scale removals
appreciation for the aesthetics and health of a tree; he will not top a tree
specialized training in tree health and legal-liability assessments

is fully insured and offers:
an Earthworm casting/mineral treatment to help your trees thrive and flourish, and to improve their endurance New!
meticulous clean-up of the job-site
consulting on tree placement and precautionary-care measures
subcontracting to other tree-care companies
Canada-wide services to both commercial and residential clients
rescue, rigging, and climbing demos
climbing events for kids
24-hour emergency services
payment methods: cash, cheque, Visa, or Mastercard

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Contact Us

Call 7-days per week. If we happen to be unavailable when you call, your voicemail message will be returned within three hours. Contact us using whatever means is most convenient:

Phone:(204) 777-2007
Toll Free:1-866-721-2092
Post:36 Woodside Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3W 1B1
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Dave does tree work in any season, so call us anytime.