Canada's Only Onsite Climbing/Arborist Training Centre is Now Open

Dave Lutes of Treewise is our chief instructor/trainer. Dave has been offering accredited chainsaw safety training and workshops for Treewise since 2003. Dave has accredited hundreds of students in aboriginal communities and in commercial and government organizations, as well as residential clients. Dave is a world renowned arborist. He has competed internationally and nationally in climbing/arborist events for over 15 years, has been involved in arboriculture and forestry for over 20 years, and is a well-respected member of our local arborist community where he plays a leading role in Winnipeg's Arbor Day activities.

In addition to our chainsaw safety training, Treewise offers onsite workshops in all aspects of production tree-climbing and tree-work. Dave's background in the Canadian Navy has provided him with baseline knowledge of knots and rope handling, which he tailored to accomplish complex tree-limb pruning and removals, and which has earned him renown as an expert in trees found in "Tight Spaces, Difficult Places".

Treewise also offers Manitoba's only speciality production tree-climbing training near power lines.

Accreditation is available in all courses.

Treewise is proud to offer Dave's services to the local and national community.

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NEW! For a limited time, Dave will be available for open enrollment each Saturday! Call or email us by Thursday at 4pm to register for a two-, four-, or eight-hour session during which Dave will acquaint you with the skills an arborist requires. All equipment will be supplied.

Prices for our training and recreational events will be provided upon inquiry.

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An End Befitting a DED Elm

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Community Involvement: Save Our Seine (SOS)

In August 2009, Dave provided chainsaw safety training to three volunteers of the Save Our Seine river environment inc. (SOS), with the President, David Watson, in attendance as an observer. Although each summer-season, volunteers of the SOS's Green Team spend 12 weeks cleaning debris from the banks of the Seine, as stated by David Watson, 2009 was the first time the Green Team took professional chainsaw training. Treewise was referred to teach chainsaw safety training by Manitoba Hydro, a supporter of SOS through the Manitoba Hydro Environmental Partnership Fund. In 2010 and in future years, Treewise is proud to continue its support of SOS, one of Winnipeg's premiere environmental organizations.

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Community Involvement: Arbor Day

Each year since Treewise Inc. was formed in 2001, we have participated in and/or sponsored annual Arbor Day activities. Typically, this involves presenting climbing and aerial rescue demonstrations, answering questions posed by the public, etc. at official Arbor Day events in Assiniboine Park, and providing sponsorship funds to the "Coalition to Save the Elms". Dave expanded Treewise's contribution by providing students at Joseph Terres school in Transcona with an overview of an arborist's role and responsibility in preserving the trees in our communities.

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Community Involvement: Kids Climb! (Corporate Events)

As well as being an expert in tree care, Dave organizes events for children or adults who want to experience what it's like to climb high in a tree. On May 15, 2004, Dave ran such an event for children at a special tree-appreciation event held at Kildonan Park sponsored by the City of Winnipeg Forestry Department

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Dave Loves Trees

Before he became involved in tree care, Dave was responsible for various crews of tree planters in northern Manitoba, northern Ontario, northern Alberta, southern Alberta, northern British Columbia, and on Vancouver Island. The crews Dave was responsible for were flown in to some of their jobs, while other times, they took swamp buggies or they walked in. At times, the work was necessary to plant trees after a logging company had cleared a forest, at other times the forest hadn't been touched for years and the trees that hadn't grown needed to be re-planted.

In addition to planting trees alongside his crews on these assignments, Dave supervised the planting of hundreds of thousands of pine and spruce trees, maintained all equipment, and ensured his crew was safe and well-fed. Encounters with bears of various species were the norm on these trips. Many times, Dave fought off black bears. Luckily, he never got closer than five feet to a grizzly!


When Dave decided an urban lifestyle would be more appropriate to support his young family, he explored tree pruning and removals as a career. With his athletic background, it quickly became apparent that Dave was a natural at tree-climbing. He practiced in his back-yard, in local parks - wherever he could find the ever-bigger trees that were needed to challenge his burgeoning skills. Dave explored new ways of performing in his field, and over the years, he has attended many tree-climbing competitions. He has also introduced his children to the thrill of climbing - always with safety a paramount concern.


Over the years, Dave's skill has evolved. Through reading industry related materials and repeated practice at his trade, Dave has progressed from a guy who just happened to love climbing at any early age, to someone who is sought after for his skill and insight in the tree care business.


Today, Dave is known across Canada for his devotion to his industry and his expertise in his field. He has many loyal and appreciative customers -- young and old!

Dave Climbs for Fun!

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Dave Explores

In 2004, Dave travelled to Knoxville, Tennessee to the Great Smoky Mountains to explore its tropic-like forest. He came upon an old-growth maple that was at least 160 feet tall!

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