Dave teaches chainsaw safety at a local tree-care company

Dave chats with the owner/manager of a local tree-care company and some of its employees who took Dave's chainsaw safety course

Dave is accredited by the Alberta Woodland Trainers Association (AWTA) to teach the safe use and handling of a chainsaw. The AWTA is a well-respected group that has trained thousands of urban and rural foresters in Canada over the past several years. Dave earned his accreditation because of his many years of experience operating a chainsaw and as a result of achieving one of the highest scores, Canada-wide, on an oral (to evaluate teaching style), written (to evaluate knowledge of the theory), and practical (to evaluate hands-on skills) test required at the conclusion of a course offered only to those deemed eligible for instructor status. Dave is one of only two in Manitoba who has been accredited by the AWTA to teach their material.

The day begins in the classroom