Treewise at the Beaches!

Need to let sunlight into your cottage or sunporch? Nervous about tall birches falling on your cottage or on your neighbor's gazebo? Need a path to the guest-house? Wish you could see more of the lakefront? Concerned about the undergrowth near your cottage becoming a fire hazard? Want to exchange some of your treed property for a grassy area to house a patio-set and barbeque? Pondering a garden area for growing organic veggies or wild flowers? Or just concerned about maintaining the health of your getaway-home's trees?

There are many reasons why you may want to clear brush or remove or prune trees at your cottage. Often, there are trees at our beach properties that are tall and spindly and prone to breakage during Manitoba summer and winter windstorms. In addition to their height, these less desirable trees often grow in compact areas where they are interspersed with other trees such as spruce and tamarack that we want to flourish. Treewise's specialty is "big trees in tight spaces, difficult places" (look for those words on the back of the Treewise truck!) Dave's expertise in rigging to remove select trees or large-tree limbs without causing damage to neighboring property or vegetation is what customers rely on.

If you must remove trees to achieve your goal, doing so can be emotionally wrenching if you've inherited your beach-property or you've watched the trees grow tall over the years. If this is your circumstance, we will remove your trees in long pieces so they can be milled into usable timber!

Treewise has teamed up with Highland Wood Products to mill your trees. Highland is a small, environmentally-conscious, local Manitoba company that operates in the beaches area and employs members of our local community.

Highland can cut your trees into standard-size lumber useful for typical cottage-improvement projects. By using your own wood for your projects, you save money and return your trees to their natural home -- just in a different state! Many of us have an indescribable bond with nature and trees; by milling your own wood, it's not as difficult to part with an old 'friend'.

Nothing goes to waste when Treewise works on your trees. You can use the mulch (created by putting smaller leaf-filled branches in a chipping-machine), to keep weeds under control along your house or pathway or in your garden; the small branches (once they are cut up), to start a fire in your fireplace or outdoor firepit; and the smaller limbs (once they are cut up), for firewood. What better testament to our natural Manitoba environment than to sensibly use all residuals of a tree removal!

At Treewise, we hold a deep affection for trees -- even those that have to be removed. Trees are living beings that contribute to our health and contentment and beautify our landscape. All trees deserve our respect while alive, and if they have to be removed, after we've cut them down as well.

If you don't have any trees that need to be removed, you're lucky. Then your only responsibility is to give your trees a regular pruning (every three-to-five years is a good rule-of-thumb), to remove dead branches and branches that are impeding the growth of neighboring trees. That's the best way to preserve your trees' health and prevent disease.

Whatever your situation may be, Treewise will treat your trees (and your property, of course), with care as a fitting tribute to the beauty and grace trees bring to our lives.